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How it works

In Code we Trust: we bring a centuries old craft to the 21st century, along with the highest traditional standards, cutting edge technology and full process control. We choose notations with keywords over clicking, we come back to the basics, and we bring automatic file generation into battle


Keep using your usual tools like Word to enter the text of your next best-seller. No need to learn new editing tools or applications.


Annotate your Word text with markup instructions tailored to your personal lay-out. Keywords between brackets. That's all!

PDF Output

Our engine converts your text into a variety of output formats: print, e-readers, online... with a wide range of style variations.

Features & Applications

DiKt saves time and money right away, and is a gateway to expanding your business.

Core process

Enhance control and simplify your core business process


Cut publication cost and gain time


Add languages without changing the book structure


Keep track of editions and issues


Change layout and formats on the fly


Talk to all platforms

Development Path

Path covered and road ahead

  • Winter / Spring 2017

    A practical case

    The first impulse to work on a TeX -driven publication engine orginated from a request by systemic books to typeset translations of existing Dutch publications into English and Spanish. A high-level TeX document class was developed, producing PDFs to submit to Amazon print-on-demand. The class included two book dimensions, and a revision mode for corrections and amendments.

  • Summer / Fall 2017

    A new notation

    As it turned out that the learning curve for TeX coding is too steep for the editing staff, decision was made to design a notation of codewords between brackets to allow for working in Word, converting to TeX automatically and outputting PDF. This notation comes with automatically generated user documentation from the document class, syntax checking and fuzzy logic to ease the editing process.

  • Winter / Spring 2018

    Template Library

    The proven DiKt technology is now ready to go public, as the core technology revealed itself usable, practical and profitable. The main deliverables are enhanced user documentation, a better graphical environment, error handling, and most of all a template library for document classes for current and future customers to dig into.

  • May 2018

    We are here!

    The DiKt project is in full development and we are servicing our first customers on a dedicated basis.

  • Summer / Fall 2018

    Expansion, Word toolbar and e-formats

    The next expansion phase for DiKt is to set up a wide range of output formats in full automatic mode for digital publishing. The second item is a toolbar in Microsoft Word which contains the commands of a chosen class to allow for macro-selection by clicking and storage in code internally and automated submission to the DiKt engine.

  • Demo:
    Run our

Our Team

Specialists in book publishing, digital typesetting and information technology at your service!

Siets Bakker

Managing Director

Bas Dekker

Chief Engineer

Jean-David Olekhnovitch

Front-end Engineer

Siets and Bas have known each other for more than a quarter of a century, and they share two decades of experience in various lines of business. Siets lives in the Amsterdam neighbourhood. Bas moved to France in 2013, and met Jean-David in the Auvergne. They share the love for craftmanship in computer engineering and the combination of human skills and insight and the power of automated processing of information.


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